What the world calls being sick, including aches and pains, is our bodies way of trying to get well, meaning that the the sickness itself is in most all cases, the bodies method of healing called cleansing. Too much cleansing, being that it can put ones body into a state of being sick, can therefore be very dangerous. For this reason the foods which cause cleansing should in most situations be limited.

Cleansing foods are fruits, especially tropical fruits, tropical vegetables-these are vegetables that even though they can grow in temperate climates their origins are from the tropics. They include tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant. All three come from a tropical climate; from a country we call South America, namely Peru. Also most spices especially pepper and cayan pepper, plus garlic. All these foods/spices have their special time and situation when they are need and good for us. Coffee is also cleansing food and chicory, which is unfortunately often put as an ingredient in grain coffee. Vitamin C is huge cleanser, all in its proper time and place as we will soon learn.

We must realize that the other extreme that tightening foods such as most animal productseggs, meat, chicken, salmon, tuna, salt, etc. will normally make one feel tight to the point that they will then need extreme opening/cleansing foods to balance them out. Its a tricky balance and one needs a good counselor who can diagnose your problem and body type and help you get it right.

The other super difficulty is like this; (and read and listen carefully)normally, as long as we are ingesting large amounts on a regular basis of those very same foods which in essence are causing our health problems, we wont cleanse them and out and therefore we will not notice any signs of being sick (though damage G-d forbid, to our bodies is occurring. However, once we cut down our intake of these overly cleansing foods, or completely stop, we then only after stopping or lessening our ingestion of these foods, do we then begin to cleans. Examples of this are smokers whom once they stop smoking, they then begin to cough it all out. This expelling of phlegm can last for days, weeks, and even months. Another great example is coffee drinkers. As long as they are having their ration of coffee every day, no headache, though for most of the coffee drinkers, just one day with out coffee constitutes a for sure migraine! (instead of coffee and migraines, lets change to my grain coffee and no migraines!) There is an allowance in the Jewish religious world for coffee drinkers on fast days. That because of the inevitable super discomfort of a migraine headache, our rabbis allow coffee drinkers on a fast day, to put a slow release caffeine suppository up their tush. This way the caffeine is still in their system and they will not cleanse. An even better example (and a lot of you Vitamin C takers may not like this and wont want to believe this to be true), is that when those relying on Vitamin C stop taking their vitamin C they become sick! Oh, I better take my vitamin C so I dont get sick, or I better up the amount of my vitamin C to knock out this cold. Sorry but its actually the vitamin C itself which when you stop taking it, it cleanses out of your body in such a rapid rate that tons of toxins are released, and the result is that getting sick! Dont you get it? It was once upon a time that we took 30 to 50 mil. of C then it went up to 150 to 300, then to 500-wow, and today its up to 2000 mils! Therefore we now see that ones system can become immune to the old dosage of C and begin to cleanse it out, thus causing sickness. A new higher dose will prevent the cleansing of the C, and yes, huge amounts of vitamin C in certain situations can even temporally stop the over cleansing of ones lymph called G-d forbid Cancer and other blood diseases. The truth however, its the C and tropical veggies and fruits which are causing the problem!

Recently I was in the health food store here in Tzfat/Israel. There in the check out line was a young man with lymphoma buying a papaya the size of a football! He told me that he had been through Chemo and that now hes trying the advice of health food counselor. I explained to him much of what I am explaining to you now. Hopefully he will call me, though somehow in healing, people decide their own destiny, its all from G-d and for whatever reason, this is the rout he, like many others are supposed to take.

Other factors which can trigger off cleansing is long walks and exercise in general. Yes, for someone whos body is filled with toxicity, even a short run to catch a bus can bring on a pounding headache! For others whos intestines are clogged up, a bit of heavy work and or exercise may bring on huge pains in ones lower back. It is not your discs and do not believe a doctor even if he shows you on an x ray, its only your intestines. So too, knee pains, its only lymph cleansing in your knees. So too G-d forbid a stroke, its just lymph cleansing in your brain, and so on. Arthritis, its just lymph cleansing in your joints, skin problems, its just lymph cleansing in your skin, blood disease, its just lymph cleansing in your blood etc.

We see then that cleansing and healing is not a simple story, not at all! One changes their diet to a healthier one and often they will begin to cleanse, One starts exercising and they begin to cleans, one fasts from food and they begin to cleans, so what do we do? The answer is; go through the initial cleansing with a good counselor at your side, get the excess toxic lymph out of your system (this can mean something quite different for each person, depending on their toxicity level, their body type etc.)and then continue to heal yourself.

To continue to heal your self you must experience the changing seasons, becoming aware of those times your body cleanses (this means arthritic pains, pains in general, and overall cleansing anywhere in ones body)and learn which exercise and type of body work/body maintenance is right for you.

Hot baths, saunas, are sometimes very beneficial, also sunshine, it all depends when and who are you. Some individuals can do it on their own though most people need a good counselor to help them.

I recommend myself of course and also the Kushi Institute.

Wishing everyone a safe journey towards health!