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Howard, hospitalized and unsuccessfully treated with chemotherapy for a brain tumor, resulting in paralysis and 2 weeks to live, was able to leave the hospital after Rabbi Benzion’s extensive treatment. Baruch Hashem, this is just one of many success stories. Unfortunately, right now there are not enough counselors able to assist and treat people in this manner, however, we have a solution and need your help.

Our goal is to develop a Torah and Health center that will provide the following:

– Hands-on learning to train people how to cook, diagnose and counsel those in need

– Weekly classes on Jewish Year Diet for the general public

– Healthy Shabbat meals to expose people to a healthier diet and lifestyle

– Concert events for Rabbi Benzion to share his wisdom and inspiration

– And much more

Your contribution will make a difference, transform peoples health, and save lives!

As there are so many facets to our center, even the smallest contribution will go very far in directly helping individuals.

$180 provides for 15 guests during Shabbat

$360 sponsors an individual in need to become self-sufficient in the Jewish Year diet

$1000 rent and upkeep for the center for One month

$6000 rent and upkeep for the center for Six months

Other: For those who have the means to help us beyond the listed contributions, we want to open up a fully functioning Jewish Year Diet restaurant that will not only serve food but also house lectures and classes.

PS. Your contribution is Tax deductible. Our Tax ID number will be included in your receipt

PPS. As a sign of our appreciation for your generosity, we will be sending you a downloadable version of Rabbi Benzion’s Cd “Come Home” as well as Jewish Year Diet’s 3-step Sourdough Bread Recipe so you can start enjoying healthy home-made bread

“Meeting Rabbi Benzion marked a major turning point in my life. Today, only a month-and-a-half later, not only is my chronic eczema gone, but most importantly I feel a deepening sense of wellness, clarity and purpose in my avodat HaShem. Thank you!” -Sabrina

“Spending time with Rabbi Benzion has been a blessing. There is much wisdom behind his Jewish year diet. I have experienced a great shift in energy and overall wellness since starting my diet. My deepest gratitude.” -Moshe Messian

“He [Rabbi Benzion] helped me tremendously and also gave me a lot of nice advice about diet, exercise and general health. I would highly recommend him.” -Gershon Burd