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In Hebrew the word for health is בריאות and it shares the same root of the word בריאה which means creation. We learn from this that ones health depends on ones ability to connect to creation, namely the source of creation, where it all began-Gan Eden, The Garden of Eden. This is as we say both in Hebrew and English, אור גן-Organ-Light(of)The Garden. We can understand from this that our body parts function from the light of Gan Eden-The Garden of Eden. (Similarly Organic Food comes from this same root of light of the Garden, i.e. the way its supposed to be!)

Our sages tell us that our world and EVERYTHING it entails was not created only back then but rather all of existence is continually in the Now-Re-Created. Tapping it to the newness of creation is itself Creation, which as we learned means Health.

The diet, the food we eat and how it is prepared etc. will either enable us to receive this continual and new light of creation or block it or G-d forbid even put it out. Not only our diet but very much an integral part of our health is effected by our lifestyle The word diet too, is sometimes translated as life style. This includes our daily and past life experience, how we take in life, are we stuck in the past? How do we view things, positive or negative? and all which we allow ourselves to be exposed to, all this will greatly effect our health.

A good health counselor after taking one look at you or even just hearing your voice on the phone will know, and will be able to get you on the road towards experiencing and being a New Creation, which as we have learned is Health.