We are now heading into the winter months and therefore it is time to tighten up our kidneys. This means less water intake and of course less fruit and juices etc.

We actually see a strong hint in Parshas Varyira which we read in the second week of Cheshvon. Avraham who is all Chessed invites guests to his tent, gives them food but the Torah does not mention Avraham’s offer to give them water to drink, and even though these three “men” have been doing a desert walk! In fact instead of giving them water to drink, he is seemingly only giving them water to wash their feet. (washing their feet with water, by the way has a much deeper meaning for us: Water represents Torah and Feet in Hebrew “Regliyim” is also the root for “Rageel”—like in English-“Regular” for now at the onset of our new growth “Lech Licha”-“go to you”, is a time for us to begin to grow beyond our “regular selves”.

Wine also causes our bodies to cleans and now is not time for cleansing! So be mindful to the hints in both parshas Noach and Varyira when it come to wine!

Winter is coming, so stay warm, tight, and when it gets colder be clothed with layers. However, the week in which we read Varyira, being that the Torah mentions that Avraham sat in the Heat of The Day, and Rashi mentions that the sun was unveiled and therefore extra hot—and yes, during this week it is really hot, that you’ll see, it will be sunny and hot! In fact even though we may begin to get rains at the week of Shabbat Noach—the flood etc., even still, during the week of Varyira, the weather will change and the sun will be out and it will be hot.

Our task during this month will be to re Center ourselves especially after the chaotic diet of our Chagim-Holidays. Begin with eating less fruits and sweet together with less or no animal products. Fruits like pomegranates which were great for us during Chag HaSuccot should now be eating minimally, how so, well, G-d made the pomegranate in sections, (as many other fruits—so, just eat a section and not the whole fruit. As far as vegetables are concerned, keep them also at a minimum and make whole grains your main staple. However, as we move into the month then slowly expand with more vegetables even raw foods, and keep the sweets and oils to a minimum. Save those sweets like raisins etc. for the upcoming months like Kislev, Tevet and Shavat.

During the last week of Chesvon during Pashas Toldoth, for those who do eat meat then now is a good time for a meat meal with wine, though have the wine after the meat and not before. Get tight first and then have wine. This of course correlates to the Meat and Wine which Yitzchak Avinu ate just before blessing his son Yakov. Yakov brought Wine to Yitzchak only after Yitzchak ate the meat.

All during the Book of Berashis we see a mention of food and sitting down to a meal. Now once into the month of Cheshvon is the time to eat good quality porridge from wheat or oats and or bread in the morning hours. As we approach the winter, have in your meals more carbs from whole grains and chew well. You may want to check my cooking instructions listed in my web site The Returning Light or Jewish Year Diet.

The week of Chiyah Sarah is time to begin to stay in the doing, learning and praying mode with out eating till you really need. Holding back from eating, that is, not getting your blood sugar up from outside sources will strengthen your liver. Instead, get strength from your newly developing inside self, (the inner strength to keep going without eating comes from our liver) and this way you-your soul is running your mind and energy and not the food. We see this by Eliezer the slave of Avraham not eating until he finished doing what he came for. This devotion and work continues into the following week of Toldoth. Asav chose the food and Yakov was patient. As we end the month of Cheshvon Lentils, just like Yakov in Toldoth, will be new on the diet. Cooking lentils correctly will make that the inside of the pot will be reddish tint, and that as our midrash tells us is Asavs choice—“give me that red red stuff”. It is the best and Yakov was really saving it for his father Yitzchak who was in morning after the death of Avraham.

Do Body Work—get a massage or self massage and stretch and be aware of where in your body may be a build up of lymph, and gasses etc. Get it all out. Perhaps do a headstand with your head on your bed and your feet against the wall. Grab your feet and do yourself reflexology. Find the points on your whole body where you feel pain or blockage and massage it out. All this is especially important after our Holidays, this being that now that we have changed our diet from Holiday food to less and more centered food, and this drastic change in diet will therefore cause our bodies want to cleanse it all out. By doing this you will become strong, have a clear mind and you will stay young!

For more personal advice you are all welcome to contact me. For long distant—those outside of Israel, we can speak by skype.

Below, I have included some writings of mine which I post on my Face Book Page. The information may be very helpful for you. Enjoy!

As the new light from heaven begins to reach our conscious selves it in turn reactivates all of the many thoughts which one might possibly have. Weeding out these extra unneeded, unproductive thoughts is not at all an easy task. For one to be in line from heaven to earth hearing and working with only true and productive thoughts is called Daat. Daat is knowledge and Daat is represented by the Vav in G-ds Name. The Vav is therefore a straight line from heaven-the Yud on top, stretching down here to earth.

Amazingly enough, G-d has revealed to us an important tool which will help us to weed out all those non productive thoughts. The answer can be found at the end of last weeks parsha-Barashis. 5/29 and he called his name Noah, saying, this one will bring rest- ינחמנו from our work and from the toil of our hands, from the ground which Hashem has cursed. Rashi explains that before the eating from The Tree of KnowledgeAitz HaDaat, that the Wheat, which in Kabbalah represents Daat, would be harvested would come up perfectly clean. Then after the mistake of eating from The Tree of Knowledge the wheat no longer came out clean, in fact it instead came out of the ground together with thorns and thistles! For us this means that after the first mistake, (there is no word for sin in Hebrew-as I heard from Reb David Aharon, instead the word is Chet which means mistake) our Daat was no longer clean from heaven to earth and instead our minds became full of unwanted thoughtsthorns and thistles! Rashi explains however that Noah (Noach in Hebrew) invented for us, the entire world, the Plowshare, and from then on the Wheati.e. Daat was now CLEAN.

How this can work for us and our crazy minds is that if we examine the Hebrew word which our Torah uses for Plowshare- מחרישה we can see that the root of this word is חרש which means death, that is, to simply not listen, to be death to all those crazy and non productive thoughts.

However, before you tell yourself, your mind, Shish i.e. be quite, you will need to work it out and think carefully to know which is a non productive thought which you can and should let go and which is a productive thought which should be acted upon. Lets go for it!

Noach getting drunk: Well, wine in Kabbalah represents Bina which is the first Hey in G-ds Name-Y-K-V-K. Rashi explains that Bina is all that you already know. So basically Noach, instead of growing in new knowledge and wisdom, he instead choose to get drunk on all he already has in his brainno new learning! New learning, as I mentioned rebuilds within us a new Panimiyote selfdeep inside, new intellect. Knowing this will explain why it is that Noachs son, Cham who is able to see inside a person in to ones inner tenttheir Ohel, saw that his father Noach was empty, basically unclothed with nothing going on. Cham is therefore cursed by his father to be a slave to slaves. Yes not just a slave, which is very negative but a slave to those who are slaves to G-d. Meaning that if you Cham can see within me, and know that I am like a star in the sky which though still shining light is basically dead, (as we know that many stars though we can see its light has been dead for years), therefore, go out and with that ability you have, and smell out those who are truly igniting and filling their insides with the light and beauty of our Torah, thus being clothed with The True Light of G-d, and be their slaves! In this way Cham, by connecting to those who are truly serving G-d, will him/herself be a servant to G-d. (and not general motors or any other negative slavery of this world) The real service will be all of us soon singing together to G-d in The Holy Temple in Jerusalem!

At this time of year, we too are like Noach, that is, until we re develop within as (as we read through the Parshiyote) a new Abraham, Issac and Jacob and the New Light of Yakovs 12 sons The Twelve Tribes of Israel-and then this as we reach Chanuka, will be our new inside selves.

The craziest thing is thats why it will soon be Halloween. Halloween is empty Hollow time represented by deathskeletons, and emptiness-hollowed out pumpkins etc. It comes soon at this time of year being that though we all feel ready and weaned (weaned from the light of Chochmah from heavenG-ds Torahfull and ready for the world). However the real light of growth, true Life and just just a physical world which is dead, is yet to come and it will begin as we once again to our Lech Lichago to a deeper you and redevelop the New Light of Avraham Yitzchak, Yakov and our Twelve Tribes.

It is very important to add to what I last wrote concerning out stopping or just cutting down on the intake of fruits and juices and other sweets at this time of year- That only after we stop ingesting those food substances which have a cleansing effect on our bodies, will our bodies begins to cleanse, and over cleansing this time of year as we are approaching the winter months is dangerous, for over cleansing can cause all types of G-d forbid health problems from colds, flues, abscess, and all other bodily aches and pains. (for this reason, coffee drinkers when they stop coffee they will often get headaches, and vit. C takers when they stop will get sick with the colds and flues).

Therefore it is for this reason that many will experience after the holiday diet of sweets and juices, a soar throat etc. and other G-d forbid, “cleansing problems”. Be wise and understand that this is the reason and learn how to properly take care of yourself.

Some of us may need to slowly cut down their fruit intake etc. while others can just stop. Some may need extra help from animal foods in order to balance out. Again, the goal is to get back to whole grains as our main stable. Those with questions are welcome to contact me.

Stay warm, dry, and away from cold drafts and once it gets cold wear layers of natural clothinglong johns etc.