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The Jewish Year is a cycle of Growth and Change

Rosh Hashanah, which can literally be translated as  The Beginning of The Change, starts this process of our inner growth and development. As made clear by Rambams healthy living suggestions, our physical health is directly connected to our inner growth and development. He states, Since having a healthy and whole body is integral to Divine service, as it is impossible to understand or know anything about the Creators wisdom when one is sick, a person  must therefore stay far from things which destroy the body and accustom himself to things which preserve ones health.1 Similarly, the Ramban says “It is well known that the level in which a person functions will be in accordance to their diet.2

In our world today, there are countless options for whats called a healthy diet. As you already know, many of these diet-fads even have conflicting ideas about how to eat and manage our health. So then how do you know which diet is best for you? reveals that many of these diets have relevance in their proper time and place. will also guide you through the progression of the Jewish Year by showing how each Parsha Hashavuah (weekly Torah reading) gives clear hints pertaining to the development of our soul and our diet changes as well.

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