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A classic rock song with an inspirational message. Jerusalem was picked to be on the Aliyah Revolution CD which is being distributed worldwide to help bring the Jewish people back to Israel.

Groove to the funky rhythms of Tikah. The lyrics come from the daily prayers of Shmoneh Esrei.(Translation: Blow the Great Shofar for our Freedom, and put up a Flag to Gather our Exiles. Gather us as one from the four corners of the world.)

Acoustic Solo from Rabbi Benzion. This mellow ballad expresses a deep appreciation for Hashem, also derived from the Shmoneh Esrei. (Translation: The One who restores His presence to Zion, we Acknowledge you, and I will trust in Your Kindness. My heart will rejoice in your Salvation. I will sing to Hashem, for He has dealt kindly with me.)

  •     Jerusalem
  •     Tikah
  •     Tov L'Hodot

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