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Rabbi Benzion Lehrer & The Returning Light Band harmonize the timeless wisdom of Torah with an amazing rock groove.  The Returning Light was the only “religious” band chosen by the municipality of Jerusalem to perform various outdoor concerts including the Rova HaYehudi and Zion Square.

The Returning Light Band Cover ArtIn an article of the New York Times, it referred to the band as “Jerusalem’s hottest Jewish rock band.”

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Today, Rabbi Benzion continues to inspire people from all over the world by expressing deep words of Torah together with his twelve-string guitar. His song “Jerusalem” from his latest album, “Come Home”, was chosen to be on the Aliyah Revolution CD, which will be handed out on college campuses and in Jewish communities throughout the Diaspora. In the words of the Aliyah organization, Kuma, this music distribution is “a project not only to entertain and inspire, but to help kick start the next phase of the ingathering of the exiles.” In their letter of appreciation for the use of the song, they say Rabbi Benzion is more than a musician, he’s a spiritual engineer helping to shape the consciousness of the Jewish people.
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