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The Returning Light is the concept that from the onset of every Jewish Year a new light of G-d comes from the beyond to this world.

Our yearning for this new light which is the light of change and its progressive entry is what makes Our Jewish Year, A System of Growth and Change. We can see this clearly in the fact that the Hebrew words for onset of the Jewish Year, Rosh Hashanah literally means The Head or The Beginning of the Change.

Those Holy souls who want to change will throughout their lifetime will be gently and sometimes even harshly coerced to make the change. G-d of course only wants good and we must therefore know that every situation we are put in is there to help reach this ultimate goal of changing to become pure goodness. Goodness in ourselves and the entire world.

The chance to begin again can be seen in the Thirteen Attributes of G-d. These Thirteen Attributes refer to G-ds loving kindness and mercifulness. We cry to heaven with these Holy Words which begin with a repetition of G-ds name Y-K-V-K The Name of G-d which denotes Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, and our actions here in this world. We can understand that by saying This Name twice is a statement that to the extent that we blew it last year, we can even still, begin again, by yearning for the re creation of G-ds Name to this world. We will then once again in the new year, receive The New Name of G-d, grow and change and receive G-ds blessings. This idea that during the Jewish Year The Name of G-d is received into us is reflected in our intention when taking the Lulav and Etrog, as we say;-to know how the Name of G-d will be called upon me.

As we explore The Returning Light we will learn that as this new light from heaven begins to once again reach to this world namely after Chanukah, is what the rest of the world calls New Years. This English Year is in Hebrew יאר meaning to shine light! At New Years after Chanukah, the new light of blessing which will cause and facilitate change is now entering the world and at that point this new light is what it is. At New Years however, this New Light is only in the second stage of G-ds Name, The Second Letter, The Hey, the realm of בינה, Understanding. Then our task of bringing this new understanding into ones physical and emotional self here in this world will take real effort. We call this pushing to leave our old selves and growing into a new self; getting out of ones Mitzrayim (their old conscious selves) and conquering The Land, creating with in you a new consciousness, and a new and better you! This will G-d willing be as we travel through The Jewish Year, eventually reforming the other two aspects of G-ds Name, which is integrated Knowledge and the right actions, actions which coincide with our new Knowledge. As you do this, your own personal change will then G-d willing effect and bring goodness to the entire world!

Our world is therefore a world of Tikun-fixing, meaning that we are all in the repair shop. Knowing this will give us hope and assurance, and most of all patience for ourselves and the entire world which must change. We therefore yearn for the ultimate Redemption hurdled in by what we call in Hebrew The גואל, which spelled in English comes out as The Goal. Thats right, The גואל is the one with the truest and best goal for the entire world. Soon in our days! Amen!