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The commonly mentioned Name of G-d pronounced adony, is spelled with the Hebrew letters Yud then Hey and then Vav and then Hey.

Our Sages tell us that the Yud represents Chochmah-Wisdom, the first, Hey-Bina-Understanding, the Vav-Daat-Knowledge, and the second Hey-Malchut-Kingdom-our actions in this world.

Rashi in his commentary on the Chumash explains (Shemoth 31/1-4) by Bezalel, the genus craftsman who builds the Mishkan-Holy Tabernacle, that Chochmah/Wisdom, the Yud of G-ds Name denotes new information which one learns from others though not yet understood. Meaning, that Chochmah/Wisdom, the Yud begins as a light of thought which comes from a place which is so to speak beyond ourselves. Bina/Understanding, the first Hey of G-ds Name, Rashi tells us is ones ability to now by using what he has learned, can now understand and formulate new ideas. This level of understanding is no longer beyond oneself, but rather here in his or hers world, within their grasp. Daat/Knowledge, the Vav of G-ds Name, Rashi tells us is ones level of Ruach HaKodesh-The Holy Spirit. For the Vav is a connector from top to bottom-from the beyond in Heaven to this Earth. Knowing what Heaven wants you to do is ones ruach haKodesh. Malchut-Kingdom-our actions (the doing it) in this world, Rashi does not explain, being that it is self explanatory.

In order to help us understand even further the essence of G-ds Name I will direct us to another Rashi (Berashis 2/4) where Rashi quotes Gem. Menachot 29b in which our sages explain to us that with the Yud of G-ds Name, G-d created the beyond this world (Olom Habbah) and with the Hey G-d created this world. This is important for us being that when you read about the connection of the four letters G-ds Name to four of the Five Books of Moses, we will learn that according to the sage, the Vilna Gaon, the first book of The Torah, Berashis correlates to the Yud of G-ds Name. We can now understand that during our yearly Torah reading, our reading of Berashis which begins just after the onset The Jewish Year-Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kipper and Succot, comes at a time when we begin developing the Yud which as we now know creates what we call our beyond this world connection. The following Book, Shemoth the Gaon tells us correlates to the Hey of G-ds Name which we now know forms and creates this world in which we live in. We will learn then that as we are entering our reading of this second Book of our Torah, Shemoth, is according to the worlds calender the time for New Years, and at that time, not only the Jewish People, but rather the entire world can proclaim; Yes, Its a New Year! Year in Hebrew יאר means to shine light! At New Years the light of Chochmah, the Yud which created the beyond is now reaching to and is felt by the entire world!